DJ UNA Preserves Gamelan Every Arrangement | Traditional Remix

Putri Una Astari, the all-rounder on the FTV TV station, 

who also works as a DJ, is represented in every performance. DJ Una said she always still uses traditional gamelan music with Indonesian characteristics  into his arrangements.

In his opinion, the element of traditional music has attracted the attention of many people, 

if it can be treated properly. "I've always set up" traditional discos ", the sound of traditional instruments like flutes, gamelan, the welcome is good, a lot of people abroad are downloading my songs," said DJ Una during his meeting in Kebon Jeruk, central Jakarta.

Una admitted that it was indeed a new challenge he encountered with his creation. 

"The complexity varies, the speed of the tempo must also be different and it must be possible to choose a musical instrument that can be a fast tempo", said the movie star "Falling In Love".

The 27-year-old woman, who has been DJing the world since 2011, 

loves to explore her music. Earlier, DJ Una had first tried to work with elements of Dangdut and country songs with the disco.

Currently, DJ Una wants to release a private album himself. 

However, they did not know exactly when the first plan came to fruition. "The plan already exists, but it needs a process first," he said.
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