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About Me

It's just ordinary people ... I'm moving slowly. I have only known Adsense since 2017 when I saw a group posting fb that really really made my eyes pained to produce a very, very curious curiosity hahaha it was one of the temperatures in my town Kendal Worshiping. Immediately I tried to send a message via fb. Eng ing eng ... yesaps maybe too early no response ... gays hahhaha

A few weeks later, I tried to follow the Kendal IT community, some mastah yapss have known Andsense but are still kept secret about how tricks are, only active members who are consistent also according to their position. The admin suggests running according to your instincts, don't fantasize with Adsense because the internet world is crueler than the stepmother hahahha (lebay.xyz).

One mastah prioritizes selling online with tricks to post several groups fb. When other communities are running fb Ads. We are still posting manually via Facebook in the style of a KRESEK bag. Alhamdulillah, the first 3 months were the result, I once penetrated export and sent to Taiwan yeah, even though I only hope to repeat again and again. So for the sake of what you think can be happy, hehehhe ,, has changed a lot of things about my mindset. Thanks for all the mastah who have dropped their knowledge for free.

Oh yeah until I forget my real name Ihza Basna Maula. I am currently focusing on local Indonesian dropship only. Realizing my capacity, also trying to learn more about the article. Hopefully with His kunai faya Allah can produce blessed results. Amiin.

chatter little gayss

About ways to answer my worries

     The 4.0 industrial revolution will destroy a number of professions

Learning ward off to keep going

     Along with the times,

Not too dizzy looking for income

     Certainly stay connected with God 😊🙏

Ali's Hadist to Jabir al Anshory

"The world will be upright with four things:

1. A god who practices his knowledge,

2. A fool who is not bored to learn,

3. A rich person who is not stingy with his property,

4. Poor people who do not sell the Hereafter with the world.

If a pious person does not practice his knowledge, then a fool will stop learning science. If the rich are stingy with their wealth, then the poor will sell their religion to the world. So they were wretched and perished.

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