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I'm an introvert guy,,
I am a mother's child who is not ready to be left by her mother since middle school

my Bokap happens to be a village figure who is quite religious in the eyes of the public

But the hobby of playing widows until now, not just one but maybe there are more than 9 people

one of them is the same age as the millennial gene

As a result, sometimes I'm ghosted, I feel like this is karma,

I almost totally avoid meeting new people.

My daily life, for now, is writing in the mainstream media, sometimes it's hard when there's trending news about immoral acts.

Before writing, I had worked in Semarang, but yes, the problem was borrowing my father's motorcycle for dating, that's clear... so I was often late and in the end I got laid off.

What do you do, when the whole world takes refuge in the name of religion... Even I am experiencing a crisis of faith,
I'm still trying to force myself to write and so on... But there's still no progress..

.especially for just
Push up pull up... I used to like jogging even though

It's really long bro... sorry for the mess... I hope it will be discussed sometime soon... Thanks for the motivation
Cara menghubungi saya bisa lewat: email: ihzalebe96@gmail.com (slow respon) Telp/SMS/WA: (fast respon) Insya Allah akan saya balas secepat mungkin. Tapi jangan marah jika saya balasnya lama, karena saya orang sibuk (bo'ong) dan juga bisa kelelahan. Harap dimaklumi!

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